Ahmad Mohd Sharif Belselah


Belco Electromechanical LLC has been established since the past 19 years and has been a firm that excelled in its field. The company has grown with the initiative of managing partner Mir Salim Uddin starting on his own. In the recent years we have broaden our market reach all over the U.A.E with the help of our partner Mamoun Alwani

As a company, we have and will offer high quality work and full devotion towards serving our clients. Our growth in MEP has been tremendous as we have thrived to be competitive in the industry emphasizing on efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness. We have earmarked a strong focus on improving our client service and relations.

I also take this opportunity to thank Mir Salim Uddin for his years of dedication and his technical expertise and Mamoun Alwani for his managing and financial expertise. Since the beginning of the company we have been able to maintain a comprehensive line-up of services to both private and government clients. Belco is a company that exhibits strength and thrives to excel under difficult and challenging market conditions.

Engr. Mir Salim Uddin

Managing Partner

After an intense 19 years of growth of the company, we take pride in the excellence Belco Electromechanical has shown in the industry. The company delivered resilient performance against considerable headwinds during the recent years. We have always been committed to provide the best quality work and have always been reliable.

Over the years Belco has achieved robust and healthy growth based on a solid business. Our recent success in handling certain projects is the proof to show the development and growth of the firm. We hope to improvise further through ceaseless effort and strong fundamental competitiveness. The people of Belco are known for their limitless aspirations, their smart tenacity and drive and for utilizing every available means to achieve their goals.

I would like thank Mr. Ahmed Belselah for trusting me to take the responsibility of this firm and being a visionary which gave us the incentive to perform better. Moreover, I highly appreciate the presence of our partner Mr. Mamoun Alwani whose 25 years of expertise has helped us further grow the company and build client relationship. We have ensured that the next generation is being prepared and can be well trusted to thrive upon the opportunities provided to them.

Mr. Maamoun Alwani

Business Development Manager(Partner)

These are exciting yet challenging times for Belco Electromechanical in the construction industry. Being a part of Belco since the beginning, initially as the business development manager and now being a partner I have witnessed Belco grow from the scratch. The construction business in Dubai is extremely dynamic yet very challenging. However, we have always managed to be prominent in the crowd due to our quality of work and work ethics.

We hope to face this difficult situation by striving further to provide our valued clients with efficiency and hard work. I believe the key to delivering the targets is for the employees to grasp and understand what is desired by the clients, thus forming a strong foundation for a robust cycle of development. To meet the challenges ahead we have restructured the company’s strategic initiatives embracing sustainable business practices, enhancing operational efficiency and people development.

The journey of Belco would not be possible without the initiation of our managing partner Mir Salim who's hard work and 33 years of technical experience has always made us stand out in the market. Mr. Ahmed Belselah has been a constant support for the firm morally stimulating us to move forward. Lastly, our customers and dedicated employees who have shared our incredible journey thus far. We look forward to continuing this good work with the support of the partners and all the employees and pledge to continue in our efforts to exceed expectations.